Build Your Child's Mental Health:
Educational Workbooks for Elementary and Middle School Children

I am happy to announce the publication of my educational workbook series, Learning about Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions: Helping children learn the building blocks of self-awareness and self-empowerment. Here you will find all the information you need to build your child's mental health. This series consists of six workbooks for children and six matching Manuals for Teachers and Parents.

As a clinical psychologist, I designed these books for third to eighth graders in mainstream public and private schools, homeschool, and after-school programs. Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, they teach the basic building blocks of mental health.

These workbooks are for all teachers and parents who want to see their children improve their mental health, recognize their thoughts and feelings, and express them in healthy actions. They are useful in any setting.

With these workbooks, I make the building blocks of emotional health accessible to every child. A child aware of his or her thoughts and feelings, and able to express them in healthy actions is on his or her way to achieve academic success and to have self-esteem and fulfilling relationships.

These workbooks are the priority for our children and schools today. In a world where mental health problems have reached epidemic proportions, these workbooks make emotional health and literacy available to every child in America and abroad. During the most sensitive period of life, these books offer the tools to achieve a sense of well-being. Never before has this opportunity being offered to every child with or without psychological problems through the educational system in such an user-friendly, organized, and exhaustive way.

Let us use this opportunity seriously. I invite you to learn about this series of workbooks that empower our children's minds to think, act, and relate to others in a healthy way.